Current Programs
POET Grain offers producers a wide variety of grain contracts to help you market grain the way that you want to.  Nothing extravagant, just solid tools.
Contracts Available At POET: 
  • Spot Contracts
  • Flat Price Cash Contracts
  • Forward Delivery Cash Contracts
  • Basis Contracts
  • Futures Only Contracts (HTA)
  • Minimum Price Contracts (And Minimum Price Plus Contracts)
  • Premium Plus Contracts
  • Flex Hedge Contracts
  • Average Price Contracts
  • Cash and Futures Only Offers
  • Deferred Payment Contracts
As you can see, POET Grain offers many marketing tools to help you market your corn effectively.  These tools along with the marketing knowledge of the POET Grain Team at Emmetsburg and very competitive bids, help bring value to your farming operation.
The knowledge of the tools available and a solid understanding of how each one works are requirements of anyone putting together a grain marketing or merchandising plan.
Producers don’t need all of these tools every day.  Markets are constantly changing both in price level and market structure.  The marketing tools that POET Grain offers should be used when appropriate.  
If you have any questions about the tools we offer, please contact one of the professional grain merchandisers on our team.
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